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Smart Comfort for a Solid Foundation

We’re very happy to introduce you to the NOON & Co. FLEX Activewear line! This fitness clothing line is focused on providing you the most sustainable, functional, and comfortable activewear. Working with the latest in eco-friendly, smart materials, we’re developing activewear basics you’ll be excited to wear – morning, NOON, or night.


We’re taking the necessary steps to research the most eco-friendly fabrics to create our clothing with. Wear NOON & Co. FLEX clothing knowing that you’re helping reduce waste and pollution!


There’s absolutely no point in buying activewear that doesn’t preform or function the way you want it to. Our FLEX line focuses on the most practical features and functions that you need in your active wardrobe.


It goes without saying that all of your clothing – even your activewear – should look awesome. That’s why we’re developing timeless styles that are basic enough to fit into any wardrobe or style.


NOON & Co. is about more than just a clothing line. The FLEX line is just the beginning of an amazing, motivational community of active individuals who want to share their love for healthy lifestyles!

All the Features & Functionality You Need for a Stress-Free Workout

Extra pockets, vents, hand warmers, compression zones, rust-proof hardware, and so much more. Our clothing is packed full of amazing features that you expect from high-end activewear. Add in the amazingly comfortable fabrics and fits, and what’s not to love?

Plant-based fabrics are our materials of choice – mainly bamboo and 100% cotton. These materials are not only all natural, but they’re good for you too! Many plant-based fabrics are naturally designed to be breathable, repel odors, and are great for those with sensitive skin.

Plant-Based Materials that Care for Your Health and the Earth


NOON & Co. was created and designed by Rachel Humbrecht, who enjoys the benefits and entertainment that comes from being healthy and active. She is an avid snowboarder who especially loves the beautiful scenery that comes with being the mountains. Rachel also practices yoga and loves to explore the physical and athletic side of the practice.

The idea behind NOON & Co.’s FLEX line is to create comfortable, functional, activewear basics that span all sports and activities. Utilizing eco-friendly materials ensures that our clothing will make a minimal impact on the environment – so you can enjoy the Earth even more!

NOON & Co. is run by a very small team, but we hope to transform this tiny startup into something big. However, all businesses require a level of capital to start. NOON & Co. apparel and merchandise sold on this site is meant to raise money for us to put back into the company and use to develop our amazing activewear. All of the profits from sales of our tshirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, accessories, and more go right back into the business so we can work on building it up! If you would like to help out with the NOON & Co. movement, please visit our shop and buy a tshirt!

The Line-Up

Highland Hoodie

An innovative hoodie with everything you need for a full day of exploring.

Chesapeake Tee

A relaxed fit v-neck tee made from super soft 100% cotton.

Hattie Tee

A relaxed fit crew neck t-shirt made from super soft, 100% cotton.

East Coast Leggings

Basic, single color leggings that are super soft and super comfy. High waisted and low rise options available.

West Coast Leggings

A 2-tone version of the East Coast Leggings for a more sporty look. High waisted and low rise options available.

Pamlico Pant

Super soft, relaxed, jogger style sweatpants for casual everyday wear.

Catalina Crop

A padded crop top featuring a high neckline and a sporty open back.

Tucson Tank

A basic, relaxed fit tank top made from a super soft bamboo jersey fabric.

Presque Isle Top

A classic, padded, sports bra style top made from a soft blend of bamboo and spandex.

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